jp.carp's art in motion
jp.carp. Inspiration, 60 x 40., plexi, 1


Jp.carp’s work mainly focuses on abstract patterns, though he may sometimes go beyond.


His work is at present driven by these thoughts:


Abstract graphic designs and patterns are the core of his work.


Throughout the time, jp.carp has had an increasingly frequent use of mixed media and aerosols to enhance his work. 


He fully sets himself in the trend of contemporary art and street art.

  “     ...Is part of tomorrow’s world, superfast, changing, virtual, with his abstract work that now combines oil, ink and digital techniques (the rise of a dome in an azur desert, mixed technique).

Through this most contemporary alliance Jean-Philippe Carpentier place colours in the first place, like a Rhothko whose monochromatic try to « express a complex idea with simple patterns » and thus « destroy illusion when revealing the truth ».



                       MONNERET JEAN

French art curator and critique author

Quotation from the book"Salon des Artistes Indépendants 2002" Paris : Eric Khoeler, 2002, p.344, p.360